We offer specialized services in control and loading supervision.

Our intention is to offer protection before, during and after the custody transfer operations of crude oil, chemicals, general cargo and containerized cargo including the following services:

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  • Quality and Quantity (Q&Q)

  • Supervision / Verification

  • Loss Control

  • Laboratory

  • Inventory

  • Certifications:

  • Delivery / Re-Delivery.

  • On Hire / Off Hire

  • Bunker Survey.

  • Draft Survey

Our staff of inspectors is certified by the International Federation of Inspector Agencies (IFIA), which has granted us the Petroleum Inspector Certification as an international endorsement of the technical and expert qualification of our team of inspectors.


Our Quality Management System is certified under the ISO-9001:2008  and  certified  under ISO 17020 (SENCAMER), an internationally recognized standard  that guarantee the competence of inspection entities. ATLAS Marine was the first Company implementing and obtaining this accreditation in Venezuela.

y Lubricantes
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ATLAS Marine Group

We are an International Organization founded in 1995. Our principal objective is offering integrated services in the logistical and maritime area under the highest standards of excellence, quality and safety, with a high sense of social responsibility and benefit to the country.

Quality and delivery guides us


We are an organization providing integrated maritime and logistical services and offering our customers high quality solutions, respecting the environment and with a high sense of social responsibility.

- Leader in integrated logistical services -